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All Terrorist Attacks in 2020: Map, List & Charts

This report details all terrorist incidents reported in 2020 to date.

Number of terrorist attacks per month

The number of terrorist attacks as decreased significantly in 2020, due to worldwide Covid-19 quarantining, reduced travel, and reduced public events.

Number of attacks, by ‘accused group’

Below shows the accused groups or strongly suspected groups who committed the attacks. It is never possible to know for certain which group committed the attack. In some instances, multiple groups claim responsibility, demonstrating that false claims occur. Even in cases where it seems clear which group is responsible for the attack, it is not necessarily conclusive.

Most cases in 2020 so far have been committed by individuals, seemingly without any assistance from an organized terror group. However, evidence suggests most, if not all, attacks committed by individuals are inspired or encouraged by terrorist group activities.

CIRA = Continuity Irish Republican Army.

Number of terrorist attacks in 2020, by country

Most terrorist attacks in 2020 have been committed in Africa and the Middle East.

Number of terrorist attacks in 2020, by ‘type’

Almost all terrorist attacks committed in 2020 were committed by Muslim men. The true root cause that leads these men down the path of terror is always difficult to determine. It may be provoked by horrors they have seen occurring in their home countries; it may have roots in the Israel-Palestine conflict; or it could be a cultural phenomenon rooted in scripture. It’s extremely difficult to say. All we can reveal in this report is that most terrorism in 2020 has been carried out by Muslim men.

What’s the difference between ‘Islamic’ and ‘Islamist’ terrorism?

On this website, ‘Islamic’ terrorism is defined as terrorism directly influenced by the Qu’ran. ‘Islamist’ terrorism on the other hand is defined as terrorism with the purpose of spreading a particular brand of Islam.

All terrorist attacks in 2020, by weapon used

Location categories of all terrorist attacks in 2020

Target categories: who were the terrorists attacking?

Victims by category

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