How to Track COVID-19 Trends on Google Maps

I was really hoping Googles newest integration for Google Maps would allow you to see COVID-19 cases popping up and spreading out on a giant map in the style of Plague, Inc. Alas, its not meant to be… [read more]

Google Maps now shows you COVID-19 stats

Google has already released a number of COVID-related features on its Maps app, including noting potential transit delays due to the outbreak, the relative busyness of local businesses and tagging th… [read more]

Google Maps gets a COVID-19 layer

Google today announced an update to Google Maps that will bring a new COVID-19 layer to the service to help you better understand the number of cases in a given area. With the pandemic continuing to … [read more]

Will a Halloween Mask Protect You From COVID?

New CDC guidelines are out with recommendations for fall and winter holiday celebrationsincluding Halloween. Many of the recommendations will sound familiar: Indoor gatherings are generally more risk… [read more]